How Does a Torque Converter Work

Here we have a torque converter torque converter it’s only found on an automatic transmission manual transmissions do not use for converters in the torque converter performs. Three main functions function number one is it transfers power. From the engine to the transmission function number to is it drives the front pump of the transmission […]

How To Diagnose a Broken Timing Belt

Today I have something of a surprise to me that you have to make this car instantly enough I broke down right here at the shop by week go take a look at it I suspect it has a broken belt Which is why I’m titling the video The Way I Am 800 Pineville so […]

Automatic Transmission, How it works

Automatic transmissions are the popular option for easy and reliable driving video will using automatic transmission developed by Allison Transmission for this purpose automatic transmissions work based on the planetary gear set in order to understand  The process let’s take a look at the basic parts of planetary gear sets have to input an automatic […]